The Full, Harvest, Super and Red Moon of September 2015

As luck would have it, I found myself in Orleans for dinner and took advantage of the opportunity to visit Petrie Island to watch and capture the moon rise. The weather was amazing with just a light cool breeze and the sky was clear.

After many shots, I headed home to set my camera up on the tripod and try to capture the lunar eclipse. I got a few shots before the full eclipse but most were blurry – it’s harder than I thought to manually focus on a dark object so far away! The clouds came in but there were still a few clear spots and I managed to get a somewhat ok picture of the eclipse.

The pictures below were all taken on the beach at Petrie Island in Orleans, ON, with the exception of the last photo – blood moon/lunar eclipse – which was taken at my home in Gatineau.







Full Moon – Harvest Moon – Super Moon


Lunar eclipse – Blood Moon – September 2015


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