The day after the river ran dry

I cannot tell you how relieved I was this morning to see the water level begin to rise on the Blanche river! Ok, I can tell you… I was soooooo relieved!

This experience was a real eye opener for me of how precious our natural resources really are. All summer I have read about the droughts in California and I felt so blessed to have a large river in my backyard. Naively I believed I was the exception, that I wouldn’t run out of water. I mean how could I? I have a river in my backyard.

Below are two before and after shots of the river. The before is from yesterday afternoon and the after is from this morning. Enjoy and remember to never take anything for granted. ~w.

river1_IMG_4168 river2_IMG_4586 river3_IMG_4198 river4_IMG_4610


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