Frost Faeries

The Ottawa-Gatineau area has been experiencing a colder than normal winter this year with some very frosty mornings. This has made for some very beautiful scenery – especially early in the morning with the frosty trees, steam rising from the Ottawa river, sun dogs surrounding the rising sun… a photographer’s paradise!

Another treat has been the frost patterns emerging on our kitchen window. The patterns look like faeries dancing, twirling, playing. On some days it looks like faeries in a battle, with whom I’m not sure – perhaps humans and the damage we’re inflicting on the earth? Each cold spell, the window takes on another scene and it appears a story is unfolding.

I captured the following photographs yesterday afternoon. All but one (the last one) have a colour applied to them using Photoshop.

FrostFaerie_IMG_1272 FrostFaerie_IMG_1263 FrostFaerie_IMG_1258 FrostFaerie_IMG_1254 FrostFaerie_IMG_1249 FrostFaerie_IMG_1219


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